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Makeup Sponges

  • Makeup kit essential
  • Standard sponges: high-quality micro-pore non-latex
  • Various shapes can be trimmed and torn as desired
  • Used to apply foundation and FX makeup


Precut Makeup Sponges, Uncut Makeup Sponge Blocks
Rather than the cheap, skin-irritating latex sponges found in department and drug stores, this makeup kit essential is composed of high-quality micro-pore non-latex. The sturdy, single-use foam smoothly, gently applies cream-based cosmetics--without soaking up all of the product.

Our Precut Makeup Sponges come in standard wedge shape and are available in 2-count loose, 8-count block, 12-count loose, or 50-count loose packages. Uncut Makeup Sponge Blocks can be custom-cut into standard wedges or other shapes and are available as a single block or 24-pack.

Dual Active Foundations Sponges
Designed specifically for use with Cinema Secrets Dual Active Foundations, these applicators are perfectly sized to be stowed in the air-dry compartment of the foundation's compact. They can be used as is to apply foundation dry or moistened with Cinema Secrets Moisture Spray to provide full camouflage.

Stipple Sponges
Professional makeup artists use stipple sponges to create texture effects-- such as mock beards, hair and stubble--and blend liquid latex into prosthetic edges.

Our Red Stipple Sponges are thin, flat sponges of medium density and small holes. They are available singly as a half-round or full-round.

Our Orange Stipple Sponge is denser than the Black Stipple Sponge and has larger holes than the Red Stipple Sponge. Available as a small irregular wedge or large block that can be ripped or cut to size.

Our Black Stipple Sponge is stiff and less dense than our Red Stipple Sponge or Orange Stipple Sponge, with irregular holes. Either size, full block or quarter-block, can be trimmed or torn to create custom textures.