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Hollywood Lights

  • Add iridescent glow or glitzy sparkle
  • Mix with cream, powder, or gloss makeups
  • Use with Hollywood Lights Tacky adhesive


Hollywood Lights Glitz
These award-winning iridescent mineral powders with micro-pulverized polyflake provide superior sparkle and high reflection. Dust on the body with a powder brush, use as an eyeshadow, or add to lip gloss for metal-flake glitz.

Hollywood Lights Shimmer
These micro-pulverized mineral powders that add superior shimmer alone or when blended with other makeup. Add to clear lip gloss and lipstick for glossy iridescent shine, or combine with Cinema Secrets Liquid Liner Sealer for attention-grabbing eyeliner. Mix with eyeshadow for overall glow, or add to face powder for body shimmering effects.

Use Glitz and Shimmer powder with Hollywood Lights Tacky for intricate line designs and custom-shaped accents. Clear base and cap make identification easy. Sifter filament included.

Note: Black Diamond and White Ice are a blend of Glitz polyflake and Shimmer.

Directions for Use

For all-over sparkle or shimmer, dust on skin with powder brush. Apply as a normal loose eyeshadow. Blend with lip gloss or lipstick, or brush on lips and apply lip color over the top. Use Hollywood Lights Tacky adhesive to keep powder in place for intricate line work, eyeliner or custom shapes. Remove with soap and water or any makeup remover.


Mica CI 12001-26-2. May Contain: Titanium Dioxide CI 13463-67-7, Iron Oxides CI 1309-37-1, Carmine CI 75470, Ferric Ferrocyanide CI 8282-10-5.

Photo of Hollywood Lights
Hollywood Lights: HL001 Just Pink! HL001 Just Pink!
Hollywood Lights: HL002 Flamingo Gold HL002 Flamingo Gold
Hollywood Lights: HL003 Pink Lace HL003 Pink Lace
Hollywood Lights: HL004 Penny for Your Thoughts HL004 Penny for Your Thoughts
Hollywood Lights: HL006 Gold HL006 Gold
Hollywood Lights: HL007 King Midas HL007 King Midas
Hollywood Lights: HL008 Bronze HL008 Bronze
Hollywood Lights: HL009 Dolla Bill HL009 Dolla Bill
Hollywood Lights: HL010 Golden Khaki HL010 Golden Khaki
Hollywood Lights: HL011 Caribbean Blue HL011 Caribbean Blue
Hollywood Lights: HL012 Baltic Blue HL012 Baltic Blue
Hollywood Lights: HL013 Peacock Blue HL013 Peacock Blue
Hollywood Lights: HL014 Opal HL014 Opal
Hollywood Lights: HL015 Fizz HL015 Fizz
Hollywood Lights: HL016 Black Diamond HL016 Black Diamond
Hollywood Lights: HL017 White Ice HL017 White Ice
Hollywood Lights: HL030 Oscar HL030 Oscar
Hollywood Lights: HL031 Ruby Slipper HL031 Ruby Slipper
Hollywood Lights: HL032 Garbo HL032 Garbo
Hollywood Lights: HL033 Maliblue HL033 Maliblue
Hollywood Lights: HL034 Marilyn HL034 Marilyn
Hollywood Lights: HL035 Purple Rain HL035 Purple Rain
Hollywood Lights: HL036 Chorus Line HL036 Chorus Line