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Follow the happenings of the Cinema Secret team and learn what's going on at the retail store (like what celebs are shopping!).

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The Ultimate Halloween Makeup


Cinema Secrets has everything you need to have the perfect Halloween in the store. But for the perfectionist or to achieve an elaborate or Professional quality look straight out of the movies, we have Professional Makeup Artists that come to our store every Halloween to create some of the best Halloween Makeups you will ever see. If you are looking for that unforgettable, quality custom makeup, look no further. Many Professional Makeup Artists are on hand Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday (Halloween) at Cinema Secrets to work with you to design the perfect makeup as or for your costume. Whether you want to be a vampire, zombie, ghoul, ghost, a beauty makeup or just about anything you can imagine, we can make it happen...and look amazing!

See the pictures below of the step-by-step intricate process and detail Jeff West did last year while turning one of our customers into an Avatar...

All day over the weekend, customers will come in looking normal and leave with extravagant and creative looks for Halloween. Check out some of our favorite before-and-after shots from 2010...


While space for 2011 is limited, we may still be able to squeeze you in. If you are interested, please stop by the retail store to let them know when and what you would like to see about availability. As for pricing, click here to download our 2011 Halloween Makeup Lookbook with prices listed on each design. For any other questions regarding booking, please call (818) 846-0579 and speak with Nina or email

For anyone looking for something a bit more simple, like a few bullet wounds to the head or some Elvish Ears, makeup artists on the floor are on hand to apply those over the weekend as well. For Woochie Applications, it is walk-in only and a first-come first-served basis so be sure to leave extra time if there is a wait.


This weekend is going to be crazy and fun here at Cinema Secrets with all our makeovers, last minute shoppers, food trucks and other promotions...Stop by, we'd love to see you!


Devil's in the Details


Costumes are great, but it's the accessories that can make or break your Halloween character! After all, what's a vampire without fangs? A cat without ears and a tail? Or an evil clown without the makeup?

Accessories are the little details that tie a look together or make one from scratch! You can easily create a whole look based on a great makeup or a few key accessory pieces.

Here are some accessories we've got stocked to help you finish off your costume or help create your original look:

•    BLOOD
Nothing says horror better than blood.  Check out the different types depending on your gorey needs: Fresh FX Blood, Coagulating Blood Gel, Thick scabbing blood jams, fluid spray bloods, and even flavored bloods meant to put in your mouth!
•    TEETH
Teeth aren't just for vampires anymore.  While definitely the most popular check out braces, gold bling, zombie rotted, werewolf, even make it look like you don't have a tooth in your head!
•    HATS
Witches, Firefighters, Police Officers, and Pirates...  even if you're not going as the Mad Hatter this can tie together a costume.  The most popular this year:  mini couture top hats!
Specs are a great way to add character to any look, even if you're not getting ready for Halloween.  We've got sunglasses, plain glass, and goggles to choose from.  From Lady Gaga crazy to simple and conservative, we've got your eyewear. *Please note it is illegal for us to sell theatrical contact lenses over the counter, however any eye care professional can acquire these lenses for you.
Quick to apply and re-useable Woochie latex pieces are a great addition to any costume.  If it's gore or fantasy there's something for you and it's as easy to apply as 1,2,3!
How can you thinking of dressing as a Smurf without the blue skin?  Or go as a zombie without a dead pallor?  Face and body makeup is the ultimate in Halloween transformation and we've got something for everyone.
Need that fake tongue piercing to complete that rock star look?  Or maybe a circlet for the renaissance costume of yours... whatever the case we've got amulets, earrings, and tiaras available for that finishing sparkle.
Knifes, axes, swords, nun chucks, space blasters, Thor's hammer or even Captain America's shield!  We've got everything to battle the forces of darkness... or good if that's your stance. *Sorry kids if it looks like an actual modern period gun Burbank city law says we're not allowed to carry it.
Vintage and realistic to almost a fault, we've got fake tattoos that'll give you the ink you need.
Nothing changes a look quite like a wig.  What would Hagrid be without his hair, mustache, and beard?  Maybe you're in the mood to go from brown to hot pink for a night with temporary hair color spray.  Check out a range of hair goods that'll compliment your look.

Come on in and see what sparks your imagination.  If you look around and you're still not sure? Ask one of our staff members for help or suggestions. They're usually the ones already in costume...


It's That Time of Year Again


Autumn has come and for most it means breaking out your new coats, boots, scarfs, and warm hues of makeup.
But at Cinema Secrets, it means transformation.


Doors open early and close late as all of the glamor and glitz that is Cinema Secrets Professional Cosmetics year-round morphs into the Halloween-Headquarters that encompasses all the crazy and fun that is Halloween on a daily basis.
Los Angelinos flock to the store to get their costumes and makeup needs while Cinema Secrets offers Woochie Demos, along with Professional Woochie Application throughout the season. 


The fun continues as employees dress up for Halloween..


Ok, so maybe one of these isn't an employee, but you have to guess which one...

Also during the season, some of the most popular food trucks around Los Angeles come out to visit Cinema Secrets and park next to the store to serve all of our customers and the Burbank/Toluca Lake Area.

Keep up-to-date with the calendar below so you don't miss out on some of the best trucks!

We love Halloween and hope you do too! Stop by this Halloween for a great time and some quality Halloween time, we look forward to seeing you!


Over the weekend, Cinema Secrets teamed up with Yelp to bring Yelpers a unique Halloween experience for Beauty, Beast & Breakfast! Yelpers who attended the event were treated to Halloween and Cosmetic makeup applications by none other than Cinema Secrets, breakfast by Mo's Restaurant, chili from T's Hot Sauce Truck, psychic answers by psychicgirl Jusstine, scares by Pasadena's Old Town Haunt, mini pumpkins from Toluca Lake Pumpkin Patch, and of course a build-your-own Bloody Mary & Mimosas bar.
The event had Yelpers out early at 9 am in Burbank but the crowd was fantastic! Yelpers had a great time with some excellent food and some fun makeup applications to get them in the Halloween spirit! Some lucky Yelpers even won prizes given away by all the event sponsors!


Saturday Morning at Cinema Secrets--doors are open, food is cooking and drinks are flowing!


Breakfast by Mo's included fantastic multi-grain pancakes, french toast and their roast beef hash! Seconds? Yes please!


Bloody Marys and Mimosas! Is there a better way to start off your Saturday?


Old Town Haunts sent out some friends to partake in the festivities!


Getting a makeup done by one of our Professional Makeup Artists...the Jack Sparrow Transformation!


Yelpers getting bloody! With a Bloody Mary Bar at Cinema Secrets, what more could you expect?


Click here to read what Yelpers had to say about the event

Click here to see more pictures taken at the event

Cinema Secrets is located in Burbank, CA and while we don't always have an open Bloody Mary Bar, we do always have everything to cater to your Halloween & Special FX needs. Stop by and don't forget to Check In! on Yelp to take advantage of extra savings!

And of course, don't forget...



Halloween is Coming...


Halloween is creeping up on us yet again....If you're like me, you too are asking WHERE HAS THIS YEAR GONE?

Our favorite Holiday always seems to surprise everyone at the last minute, even though it comes at the same time every year.  We love it because it's the only time when all of us--no matter what age or gender--can let our imaginations run wild and be kids again. 

So let's take a look at 2011's most popular adult costumes and start planning for a great night (or week) of Halloween madness...

For the Lovely Ladies...

  • Sassy Jack Sparrow from DisguiseSassyJackSparrow.jpg
This female version of Jack Sparrow has been a hit with women since the release of the new Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Movie.  Remember though; don't mess with a beard or mustache--that's a whole different circus costume.

  • Devine Miss Red from Leg AvenueDevineMissRed.jpg
A gorgeous twist on the classic Little Red Riding Hood!  This can be worn as a couples costume if your boy goes as a big bad werewolf or darken red up by adding a wolf tail and ears to the ensemble making her the big bad.

  • Boneyard Bride by In Characterboneyardbride.jpg
Dia de los Muertos or "the day of the dead" sugar skull designs have been en vogue for the past few years.  This costume compliments gorgeous face paint capturing the feel of the holiday.

  • Tea Cup Mad Hatter from Leg AvenueTeaCupHatter.jpg
Tim Burton and Disney's re-imagining of Alice in Wonderland may have been last year, but the classic tale is always inspiring new looks.  The Tea Cup Mad Hatter is whimsically playful and can be worn as is or with a spooky fashion makeup twist.  Let yourself go slightly mad.

  • Foxy Roxy Costume from Leg Avenueleg+avenue.jpg
Feeling creative? What could be cuter than a wildlife creature and Leg Avenue's Critter costumes new for 2011! Be foxy with the Foxy Roxy, stinkin' cute with Stinkin' Cute Skunk or risky with the Risky Racoon! Also new for 2011 is the Blue Beauty, a sophisticated and simple Peacock costume from Leg Avenue with real Peacock Feather attachment to turn heads. Adorable and simple, these costumes are sure to have all the dogs chasing after you ;)

  • Feline Femme Fatal from  Leg Avenuefelinefemmefatal.jpg
This costume is new take on the classic DC sometimes villainess/sometimes heroine Catwoman.  It looks like it's based off the classic Michelle Pfeiffer /Selina Kyle design. It may not be the current comic book version, but with the The Dark Knight Rises coming out next year featuring Anne Hathaway as Selena Kyle, it is purr-fect for trendsetters and Batman fans alike.

  • Lightening Rock Star by Leg AvenueLA_83828_A1650.jpg
Inspired by Lady Gaga, it may not be a meat dress or an egg, but it's something a bit more do-able.  Show your extreme fashion sense with this costume and various style diva accessories to create your own look.

For the Gents

  • Cheech & Chong Kits by Incognitocheechkit.jpgchongkit.jpg
Most of us grew up on Cheech and Chong's Up in Smoke, now you too can easily slip into these instant Cheech or Chong kits.  Grab a friend and find that old van, man.

  • Graveyard Groom from In Charactergraveyardgroom.jpg
The man's versions of the Dia de los Muertos or "Day of the Dead" sugar skull is almost as popular as the woman's version.  Easy to pair off in a couples costume and look dashing at the same time as you can look scary.

  • Robin Hood from 2B In Characterrobinhood.jpg
Don't fret, there are no tights here.  This design was based off the popular BBC Robin Hood series and the newest movie incarnation; including the actual hood not that silly peter pan style hat.  Could also work if you're a Green Arrow fan too and have the urge to play DC super hero/playboy Oliver Queen.

  • SWAT Commander from Leg Avenueswat.jpg
Leg Avenue isn't just for the girls anymore.  They have a great selection of men's costumes and this SWAT tactical vest will have you pretending your Jack Bauer in no time flat.

  • Mario or Luigi Kits from Rubiesluigikit.jpgmariokit.jpg
Got pair of old coveralls?  Slap on the Nintendo™ Mario or Luigi kit that includes a hat and super mustache to play everyone's favorite plumbers.  Simple and you'll show your gamer roots with this hit.

  • The Simpsons Deluxe Duffman with Muscles from Disguiseduffman.jpg
Everyone knows Duffman, "oh, yeah!"  The Simpson's favorite beer mascot can now be you!  Be the hit of the party and pack your cans of beer in your belt. Pop culture has never come in a finer package.

Remember the biggest trends sell out the fastest so shop early and snag them before they're gone!
And with that, I only have one question for you...