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Lovely Lips


As winter weather approaches no matter the climate, lips tend to get dry and chapped.  No one wants to be caught under the mistletoe with cracked or rough lips.  Don't run for the hills and hide I'm here to rescue you with three tips for prevention!  

•    Exfoliate
Most of us exfoliate our skin, but never think to do the same for our lips.  Now this doesn't mean you need to run out and use a heavy duty exfoliating wash for your lips.  Be gentle with them.  Start by running your tooth brush gently across your lips after you've rinsed your brush and worked on your teeth.  Once a week nab a little sugar from the kitchen or your favorite coffee house and wet it into a paste.  Use this as a gentle scrub that will take off any of the overly dry skin that collects and makes your lips look more smooth and supple.  You'll also notice your natural lip color seems more vibrant.

•    Moisturize
Once you're exfoliated you need to keep those lips moisturized.  This doesn't mean smooth on the lip balm, that'll come later.  Moisturize means that when you put on your facial moisturizer in the morning and at night, massage some into your lips as well.  Your lips have skin on them too, so treat them just as well as the rest of your face!  If you don't feel the need for too much moisture, just apply the moisturizer at night.  Our skin absorbs and retains moisture the best at night while the body regenerates during sleep cycles.  You'll start to notice them looking a bit more plump from the extra hydration.

•    Protect
This is where your lip balms come in handy.  Lip balm was designed to protect and soothe your lips from the weather.  If you're braving the blustery wind and snow, or the dry cool of the desert areas, lip balms will seal in any moisture you've got and protect from damage.  While they have a slick texture, remember they're not really adding moisture to your lips.  If you're dry try to add a bit of moisturizer, wait three minutes then apply your balm.  You'll notice you won't be applying balm like a crazy person and wondering why it's not doing its job.  It is!  Also avoid balms with "medication" in them, while it will help aid cracked and already dry lips, it can actually irritate healthy lips.

So no you're armed with luscious lip knowledge.  As Ben Franklin's tried and true adage says: "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."