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Losing that Luster? Don't let it fade!


Day in, day out, it can seem like we're always doing the same old thing. We all get repetitive sometimes but don't let your routine keep you from looking fresh and exciting.  A little extra can add a lot of oomph to your routine...but not crazy change.  Most girls notice that when it comes to ourselves we almost always choose the same kind of colors.  Well here are three little tricks to spice up that makeup without going overboard.

  • Cocktail It
Just like making the perfect drink, it's all about the mixing.  Liven up your normal colors by swiping your brush into two different tablets of eye shadow or blush.  That neutral taupe you've been using?  Keep using it!  But why not try swiping it through a little bronze shimmer while you're at it?  The same goes for glosses and lipsticks.  Sometimes a little bump is all you need to keep things interesting.

  •  Add Lashes
Mascara's great, but to really pop eyes false lashes can be the spice you need.  I'm not talking crazy spider-like or drag lashes here, we're talking something natural.   If you want to try strip lashes something in a demi style or #747XS or 747SM are always flattering.  For the super natural girl three little individual clumps at the outer corner of the eyes in size small will give you the softest boost.

  • Change the Way You Wear Eyeliner
There is no one way to line an eye. There are also a number of different kinds of eyeliners: pencil, liquid, gel, powder, and cake. The benefits of eyeliner are endless, but we can start by just adding a bit to our daily routine. Don't use eyeliner ever? Try one!
Princess Kate has made black and dark neutral liners on the top lid very trendy for fall, so if you haven't tried recreating her look, why not try? Cream liner or cake liner applied with an angle flat brush works best for this look of understated elegance.
If you already do use liner but always apply it on the top lid, try using a powder only on the lower lash line or maybe use a pencil or gel to use the liner in your water line. This is a fun way to change a look without working too hard or going too crazy....

Variety is the spice of life! Makeup is about expression and how we appear to the world. Don't be afraid to play when you've got a little extra time...just a tiny adjustment to your makeup routine can make everything in your day seem more interesting.

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