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Duel Settled! Dual Actives Win


Powder versus liquid!
Light coverage versus medium coverage!
These are some of the inevitable battles many of my younger clients come in fighting every day. Whether you're just beginning to use makeup or your skin is changing and your makeup just isn't going on right anymore, you aren't always sure what product will be the best for your face.
Don't despair! Your makeup doesn't have to turn into an all out war. When considering coverage options, many times, I turn to Cinema Secrets Dual Active Foundations to help solve any uncertainty.

Dual Active Foundations are a pressed powder aloe-based compact that can go on dry to simply even out the skin tone.  What makes it 'dual' is that it can also be wet to give a bit more coverage when needed, acting like a light liquid foundation that dries to a powder finish. This grants a light to medium coverage depending on application.  Light application is achieved with a powder dusting and medium if you wet the compact cake before applying the makeup.  

The most sensitive skin types (tweens, teens, men, and young adults) don't need much makeup. With youthful skin, less is always more and a little coverage tends to go a long way. Oily skin types can also benefit from Dual Active Foundation as the powder-base tends to absorb some of the excess oil that is produced Dual don't feel like you're really wearing makeup and can look very natural to the eye and the camera.  I tend to avoid using these foundations if my clients have dry skin, acne problems or have concerns with fine lines, as powder bases tend to pronounce these sensitive issues. Also keep in mind that powder and liquid bases can't hold as much pigment as creams so if you need more coverage a cream makeup may be a better option for you.

The Dual Active compacts are handy purchase because they also come with a mirror and a separate compartment with an application sponge perfect for quick touch-ups. I always suggest picking up a few extra application sponges, so clients can change out the sponge when it starts to get over-used to help prevent bacteria build up and break-outs.

So in the end a makeup like Dual Active Foundations can give you a few options on how you can use and wear it.  Wet or dry it's a quick way to step out putting your best face forward.

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