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Devil's in the Details


Costumes are great, but it's the accessories that can make or break your Halloween character! After all, what's a vampire without fangs? A cat without ears and a tail? Or an evil clown without the makeup?

Accessories are the little details that tie a look together or make one from scratch! You can easily create a whole look based on a great makeup or a few key accessory pieces.

Here are some accessories we've got stocked to help you finish off your costume or help create your original look:

•    BLOOD
Nothing says horror better than blood.  Check out the different types depending on your gorey needs: Fresh FX Blood, Coagulating Blood Gel, Thick scabbing blood jams, fluid spray bloods, and even flavored bloods meant to put in your mouth!
•    TEETH
Teeth aren't just for vampires anymore.  While definitely the most popular check out braces, gold bling, zombie rotted, werewolf, even make it look like you don't have a tooth in your head!
•    HATS
Witches, Firefighters, Police Officers, and Pirates...  even if you're not going as the Mad Hatter this can tie together a costume.  The most popular this year:  mini couture top hats!
Specs are a great way to add character to any look, even if you're not getting ready for Halloween.  We've got sunglasses, plain glass, and goggles to choose from.  From Lady Gaga crazy to simple and conservative, we've got your eyewear. *Please note it is illegal for us to sell theatrical contact lenses over the counter, however any eye care professional can acquire these lenses for you.
Quick to apply and re-useable Woochie latex pieces are a great addition to any costume.  If it's gore or fantasy there's something for you and it's as easy to apply as 1,2,3!
How can you thinking of dressing as a Smurf without the blue skin?  Or go as a zombie without a dead pallor?  Face and body makeup is the ultimate in Halloween transformation and we've got something for everyone.
Need that fake tongue piercing to complete that rock star look?  Or maybe a circlet for the renaissance costume of yours... whatever the case we've got amulets, earrings, and tiaras available for that finishing sparkle.
Knifes, axes, swords, nun chucks, space blasters, Thor's hammer or even Captain America's shield!  We've got everything to battle the forces of darkness... or good if that's your stance. *Sorry kids if it looks like an actual modern period gun Burbank city law says we're not allowed to carry it.
Vintage and realistic to almost a fault, we've got fake tattoos that'll give you the ink you need.
Nothing changes a look quite like a wig.  What would Hagrid be without his hair, mustache, and beard?  Maybe you're in the mood to go from brown to hot pink for a night with temporary hair color spray.  Check out a range of hair goods that'll compliment your look.

Come on in and see what sparks your imagination.  If you look around and you're still not sure? Ask one of our staff members for help or suggestions. They're usually the ones already in costume...