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Blondes can have more fun...with color!


They like to say blondes have more fun but sometimes when it comes to makeup a color choice that's not always the case. 

Beautiful blondes can run into two distinct problems: Looking washed out or looking too harsh.  It's a delicate balance to find a color pallet that makes you pop without feeling like you've gone overboard and have suddenly become a flashing neon sign.  So today we're going to talk about what colors work well for blondes.

Everyone's got a different skin tone, so we won't be dealing with foundations. Instead, we'll be talking about the color you build up once that part has been taken care of...Let's start with adding a little glow to that skin!

The Cheeks & Contours
With blush tones you want to try and stick to soft peaches and muted pinks.  Adding a gentle color will help keep you from fading into the background and give you a more youthful glow.  If you're still feeling a little too pale and want to add a bit of warmth, dust a bit of light colored bronzer on.  Be careful you don't choose a bronzer with shimmer that'll make you shine like the surface of the sun when any light hits you.  Also, when making bronzer choices choose one that's not too brown otherwise you'll just end up looking "dirty".  Usually the lightest shade will give you all the healthy warmth you need.

The Eyes
Sometimes really natural tones are the way to go.  Every blonde has drifted to the taupe eye shadow at one time or another, but sometimes you want a bit more drama when you're headed for a night out on the town.  Sultry colors on blondes are usually found in the medium tone range.  While dark black smoky eyes work great for the clubs, more romantic colors tend to be: medium brown, muted plums, warm shimmery pinks, coppers, and bronzes.  This winter the popular shades are the bronze and coppery tones, so you'll fit right into the fashion of the season!  For eyeliners try choosing a brown/black shade as opposed to a black.  Even a dark purple liner smudged out or a similar shadow shade dusted just along the lash line will make your eyes stand out without being too harsh, and as for mascara?  Try a dark brown or raisin color will give you a softer flare.

The Lips
Depending on your style this can be a place you can really play with your color.  Most girls have gone from lipsticks to glosses.  You can try a darker colored gloss with a medium pigment to allow your lips the chance to pop.  This winter red lips are popular.  If you're not into playing with the deeper colors, you can always line your lips with a similar colored pencil and drop a soft pink or light coral toned gloss just to emphasize those lips.  If the color is still too much, use a lighter color to tone things down a bit. 

Remember that whenever you're checking out different makeup tips, the key is to let yourself play!  It's really the best way to learn what tips will work best for you and your personality. 

Now you've got some info... why are you still sitting here when you can be playing?  Off with you!  Go play!

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