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October Product Demonstrations


CS Featured in the October 20th issue of US Weekly

Michelle Phan's Halloween Tricks


Ultralucent Mineral Powder


It's all in the WRIST

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the BRUISED eye


Start Fresh for 2013

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Holiday Party Tips


Zombie Apocalypse


RuPaul's Dragu

Ru Paul's Drag U Episode 306: Boxers to Knock-outs

Professor Raven's Cinema Secrets Cosmetics Favorites


Raven is a makeup maven; here are some of her favorite Cinema Secrets products that she played with on set and off!

Ru Paul's Drag U Episode 305: Revenge of the Nerds

Professor Juju's Cinema Secrets Cosmetics Favorites

RuPaul's Dragu

Juju loves playing with Cinema Secrets products on set and off. Here are some of her favorites she just didn't want to put down!

Drag Tip of the Day: Makeup Brushes with Professor Sharon Needles

Get the Look by Cinema Secrets Artist Nina Darguzis

Drag Tips - Makeup Brushes with Sharon Needles

 Get the Look! Professor Needles Brush uses

  • Use a brush with natural hair for powders - natural hair works best to buff and blend powder without feeling rough on the skin.
  • ·        Use a synthetic brush when applying liquid or cream makeup - liquid absorbs too quickly in porous natural brushes, synthetic allows you to utilize more of your product!

  • ·        Pointy or fine brushes work great for cream or  cake liner - these brushes give precision accuracy for subtle or bold liner looks.

TIP: The life of a makeup brush can last years longer and keep your skin clear from break-outs when you clean them often with a brush cleaner.

Ru Paul's Drag U Episode 304: Ex Beauty Queens

Lady Bunny's Lady Lesson with expert Jeffrey Paul
Art Harding Face & Neck Lift Kit
Get the Look by Cinema Secrets Artist Nina Darguzis

Episode 4 (click here for video) 

Get the Look! Art Harding Face & Neck Lift Kit demonstrated by Jeffrey Paul

Neck Lift
  •           Choose the kit that matches closely to your hair color, light for blondes and dark for brunettes. You'll be using the small inch and a half elastic in the kit.

  • ·        Clip your hair up away from your neck, so you have an all access pass where you'll be working.

  • ·        Use a toner to make sure the skin is clean and free of oils on your neck.

  • Remove the white backing on the tape and place the tape right behind the earlobe. Repeat on the opposite side.

  • Unclip hair to hide the band at the nape of your neck.

  • Viola!

Face Lift

  •           Choose the kit that matches closely to your hair color, light for blondes and dark for brunettes.

  • ·        You'll be using the longer 2 piece elastics in the kit.

  • ·        Clip your hair up at the crown in a half ponytail, this will make sense in a few moments.

  • Use a toner to make sure the skin is clean and free of oils on at your cheekbones near the hairline.

  • Remove the white backing on the tape and place the tape right under the cheekbone at the hairline. Drape the elastic over your ear for easy access.

  • Repeat on the opposite side.

  • Lift the elastics behind your head and position the elastic in place to the tension you desire. If the band slides you can use a bobby pin to secure it in place.

  • Release your hair from the half ponytail to hide the band.
  • Viola!

    Eye Lift

  •           Choose the kit that matches closely to your hair color, light for blondes and dark for brunettes.

  • ·        You'll be using the longer 2 piece elastics in the kit.

  • ·        Clip your hair up at the crown in a half ponytail, this will make sense in a few moments.

  • Use a toner to make sure the skin is clean and free of oils at your temples.

  • Remove the white backing on the tape and place the tape on your temple near the hairline.

  • Repeat on the opposite side.

  • Lift the elastics behind your head and position the elastic in place to the tension you desire. If the band slides you can use a bobby pin to secure it in place.

  • Release your hair from the half ponytail to hide the band.

  • Viola!

TIP: Does it feel too tight or uncomfortable? Remember, you can adjust the tension, sometimes a little less pull will make all the difference. There's no need to be uncomfortable or give yourself a tension headache! Now go out and show off your younger sleeker you!

Ru Paul's Drag U Episode 303: Cupcake Queens

Guest Professor ANGELA KINSEY from "THE OFFICE"
Get the Look by Cinema Secrets Artist Nina Darguzis

Hair & Makeup Design by Sheila Moran

RuPaul's Dragu


TIP: Use a makeup brush, we used Kolinsky Sable #26 Filbert, sprayed with CS Moisture Spray and gently brush over the final powder, to bring back the natural dewiness of the skin and rid yourself of a powder-y dry feeling.  Looks gorgeous on HD cameras!

Ru Paul's Drag U Episode 302: From Heroes to Hotties

Guest Professor Brittany Snow's Shimmering Glow & Lips
Get the Look by Cinema Secrets Artist Nina Darguzis

RuPaul's Dragu


  • ·         Tip over CS Hollywood Lights Shimmer in Flamingo Gold to sift the loose pigment into the top of the container.

  • ·         Load up a powder brush, we used CS Medium "O" brush, with the CS Hollywood Lights in Flamingo Gold and tap the handle of the brush on the counter or your wrist (Do not blow on your brush, this transfers germs and can cause break-outs).

  • ·         Dust the shimmer powder onto the skin paying attention to the collarbone, cleavage area, and shoulders.

  • Blend with the Medium "O" brush and smooth out the distribution of shimmer.
  • ·         Add a little of the same shimmer to the top of your cheek bones and blend!

TIP: CS Hollywood Lights Shimmer powders can be used anywhere on the body.  If you mix it with CS Tacky you can even create a bolder color and use it as shimmering body paint.


  • Open CS Ultimate Lipstick Pallet #07 for all the colors used for this lip cocktail.
  • Using a CS Lip Brush pull out a small amount of CS Cognac Lipstick and apply to the lid of your CS Lipstick Pallet.
  • Use a tissue to wipe the brush clean and pull a small amount of the CS Natural Lipstick  and add to the Cognac on the lid.
  • Wipe the brush clean with the tissue again and add a small amount of CS Ginger Lipstick then blend the colors together.
  • Load up the CS Lip Brush with your newly mixed color and apply to the bottom lip from one end to the other.
  • Reload your brush and apply to the top lip from the middle of your bow to the outer corner of your mouth on either side.
  • Blot with the clean part of the tissue.
  • Leave the mix on the top lid of your pallet for touch-ups later in the evening and store your CS Lip Brush in the groove at the bottom of the pallet.  At the end of the evening, you can use a tissue to clean to top of your pallet for to re-cocktail a new color later!

TIP: Stop lipstick on your teeth by covering the handle of your lip brush with a clean tissue and sticking it in your mouth and pulling it through your lips.  This pulls off access makeup on the inner area of your lip that transfers to your teeth.  Now just toss the tissue and head out to dazzle them with those gorgeous colored lips!

Ru Paul's Drag U Episode 301: The Real Divorcées of LA
Lady Bunny's Lady Lesson with expert Anton Khachaturian
Get the Look by Cinema Secrets Artist Nina Darguzis


  • Apply CS Eye Primer over lid up to brow and just blow lash line. Let sit for one minute.
  • Apply a light shimmer or matte color of your choosing over the lid using Cinema Secrets Fluff Brush #4.
  • Close your eyes and apply a soft smoky color like CS Pewter Eye Shadow across the lid and blend off the edges.
  • Using a back and forth motion soften the darker shade and blend it with the other color.
  • Using black eyeliner, sketch a line across the top lid and lower lid to define the eye.
  • Use a cotton swab to smudge the liner slightly to give a softer look
  • Curl lashes and remember to pump the curler as you make your way down the lash for a more even curl.
  • Apply mascara to the top and underside of the lashes.

Great dark shadows to play with residing in the CS line: Plum Wine, Galaxy, Pewter, Taupe, Smoke, Twister Navy, Dark Brown, and Very Black.

TIP: Smoky eyes don't have to only use nude, black or grey, the lighter and darker shades can be any combination of your choosing. Smoky refers to the soft smoke-like effect the blended shadow gives.  Leave them feeling the heat of your gaze!






DRAG TIP OF THE DAY: Creating Cleavage with Professor Raja>
Get the Look by Cinema Secrets Artist Nina Darguzis


TIP: Make your illusion last longer, powder with cream with translucent powder for all night last-ability. Now go out and flaunt your new tatas!

Cinema Secrets wishes you the happiest of Holidays


As the holiday festivities begin and the year winds to a close, and we look back and reflect on the year past. Cinema Secrets undergone tremendous growth on both the cosmetics and special effects divisions and is excited to embrace it. It's been quite an adventure throughout the year, from our traditional Halloween madness starting in January to continuing our dedication toward beauty and education. In 2011, we also introduced new products, new ventures and new relationships were formed across the world.

We're all looking forward to starting an exciting, fresh, new year in 2012 as we work to give a makeover to our brick and mortar store in Burbank, California. There are certainly new adventures on the horizon and we can't wait to share them with all of our wonderful customers. 

A special message from our founder Maurice Stein: 
To our loyal family of Cinema Secrets clients. I would like to take this opportunity to personally wish you all a very merry holiday season and a healthy and prosperous New Year.

From our family to yours, all of us at Cinema Secrets would like to wish everyone a wonderful and safe holiday season.  We'll see you next week and in the next year to come!

Gifts for Makeup Lovers: Let Our Favorites Become Yours!


During the Holidays our makeup artists are always asked about what would be a good makeup gift for aspiring artists or makeup lovers and we usually fall back on our top five favorite Cinema Secrets products.  So in this blog we'd like to share our favorite products and why we love them.  Maybe it'll check a few makeup lovers off your list too!

Cinema Secrets Top 5 Favorite Products

1.    Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner 32oz -Retail Price: $34.99
Nothing takes care of one of the most expensive parts of anyone's makeup kit, your brushes, better than this brush cleaner.  Not only does it instantly clean and sanitize brushes.  It's quick drying and it conditions your brushes, extending the life...leaving a delicious vanilla scent behind!  It's completely vegan and cruelty free too!  The 32oz size will last a long time, and is the best bang for your buck.  

2.    Cinema Secrets Foundation Primer -Retail Price: $28.00
Nothing makes makeup application smoother than this oil-free, silicone-based foundation primer. The pump applicator doses just the right amount for your face so you don't end up over using this precious liquid that will help fill fine lines and large pores.  Wait one minute before applying any foundation and it will glide on smoothly and evenly giving you a great base to help your makeup last all day!  

3.    Cinema Secrets Eye Primer -Retail Price: $15.00
Eye shadow has met it's perfect partner with this eye primer.  Apply before any powder shadow and wait one minute before adding shadow to see truer colors, smoother blend-ability, and end that annoying creasing!  This is an absolute must for oiler skin-types.  Your shadows will last 6-8 hours without touch up!

4.    Cinema Secrets Angle Detailer Brush -Retail Price: $6.99
This little synthetic angled brush can do more than you'd ever expect.  A wonderful short handled brush that for beauty is perfect for fine detail work using gel and cake liner and fantastic for brow powder application!  For character or special makeup effects, makes beautiful sharp lines for detail and swirl effects. They're so affordable pick up two or more so you have back-ups.

5.    Cinema Secrets 5-Color Foundation Pallets -Retail Price: $24.00
So many people go on exotic vacations during the holidays, escaping the cold or going to it. Skin tones change depending on sun or lack thereof, and the 5-color foundation pallet in your tone range will keep you covered whether your getting darker or lighter! The pallets hold five different colors or Cinema Secrets Ultimate foundation in the same tone range. They are all oil-free silicone and wax based foundations that can be adjusted with water for full coverage to as thin a coverage as a liquid foundation! These pallets are great for any skin type or color and are available in 11 different skin-tone combinations.

Now that you've gotten a chance to see why we love these products, hopefully you'll fall for them too.  If anything we're sure you've got your gift inspiration juices flowing and you're headed down the right path for everyone on your gift list.

Beauty Launchpad Magazine Feature

Check out Cinema Secrets in the December 2011 Issue of Beauty Launchpad:


In their feature, they mention using a creamy lip liner to match closely with your lipstick, creating the lip shape and then filling in the lips with the same color. Click on the image below to see a larger view of the article and read the full-feature.


Winter Wonderland


Winter is in full swing and with the holidays just around the corner it means most people will be making appearances at one celebration or another.  Who doesn't want to stand out and be in fashion this season? 

So the question stands:  What is THE color palette this winter?

The answer is: Glitz and Glam!

Eye Shadows

That's right sparkle is in for those who like to amp up the eyes. The most popular eye colors are metallic this winter mimicking the ice and snow, but with an oddly warm feel. The colors that flatter are Gold, Bronze, Copper, and Pewter tones. A wash of one of these colors over your lid and even along your lower lash line will be sure to brighten up your eyes and your holiday.  
For those who like to keep the eyes softer and more toned down soft neutral taupe colors are a great way to go.  If you like even softer with a little glamour something like Cinema Secrets Warm Champagne, Icy Flesh, or Banana Freeze will give you a little warm winter shimmer without too much color.

Lip Colors

If you're more into emphasizing those lips and have chosen to tone down the eyes, remind people that the mistletoe is probably just above their heads with berry red or bright red lips. Find a great waterproof lip like Cinema Secrets Lake or Ruby to line the lips and fill them in, then slick on a similarly colored lipstick or gloss to finish it off. Your lovely lips will be sure to be a conversation starter.

If you're looking for softer toned lips keep things natural and don't like to think about touching up the color during all your holiday cheer, try a waterproof liner like Cinema Secrets Neked or Spice. These liners will define your lips and give you a great base for your neutral lip color over the top.  Since they're waterproof, they'll let gloss last three times longer than usual!


Maybe you just want a few little accents to highlight your already signature look.  Well here are a few little tips to accentuate your look.  Your hands and nails are a great way to complete a look.  Just like the eye colors metallic and glitter are the way to go.  You'll see a myriad of glitter polishes from lines like OPI, China Glaze, Zoya or Essie.  From bright red, green, and blue colors to metallic gold, silver, and even pink use them to spice up your holiday look.

For your eyes check out Cinema Secrets Holiday Lights  available in three holiday shade packs: Reindeer Games, Festival of Lights, or Forget the Frankincense.  Use the tacky with the glitter to create a beautiful glitter liner or the shimmer dust on your eyes or cheek bones to give yourself a winter shimmer.  You can even add the shimmer or glitter to a clear topcoat to make your very own nail polish colors too. Any way you wear it, you'll get a creative shine that fits in with your Winter Wonderland look!

Blondes can have more fun...with color!


They like to say blondes have more fun but sometimes when it comes to makeup a color choice that's not always the case. 

Beautiful blondes can run into two distinct problems: Looking washed out or looking too harsh.  It's a delicate balance to find a color pallet that makes you pop without feeling like you've gone overboard and have suddenly become a flashing neon sign.  So today we're going to talk about what colors work well for blondes.

Everyone's got a different skin tone, so we won't be dealing with foundations. Instead, we'll be talking about the color you build up once that part has been taken care of...Let's start with adding a little glow to that skin!

The Cheeks & Contours
With blush tones you want to try and stick to soft peaches and muted pinks.  Adding a gentle color will help keep you from fading into the background and give you a more youthful glow.  If you're still feeling a little too pale and want to add a bit of warmth, dust a bit of light colored bronzer on.  Be careful you don't choose a bronzer with shimmer that'll make you shine like the surface of the sun when any light hits you.  Also, when making bronzer choices choose one that's not too brown otherwise you'll just end up looking "dirty".  Usually the lightest shade will give you all the healthy warmth you need.

The Eyes
Sometimes really natural tones are the way to go.  Every blonde has drifted to the taupe eye shadow at one time or another, but sometimes you want a bit more drama when you're headed for a night out on the town.  Sultry colors on blondes are usually found in the medium tone range.  While dark black smoky eyes work great for the clubs, more romantic colors tend to be: medium brown, muted plums, warm shimmery pinks, coppers, and bronzes.  This winter the popular shades are the bronze and coppery tones, so you'll fit right into the fashion of the season!  For eyeliners try choosing a brown/black shade as opposed to a black.  Even a dark purple liner smudged out or a similar shadow shade dusted just along the lash line will make your eyes stand out without being too harsh, and as for mascara?  Try a dark brown or raisin color will give you a softer flare.

The Lips
Depending on your style this can be a place you can really play with your color.  Most girls have gone from lipsticks to glosses.  You can try a darker colored gloss with a medium pigment to allow your lips the chance to pop.  This winter red lips are popular.  If you're not into playing with the deeper colors, you can always line your lips with a similar colored pencil and drop a soft pink or light coral toned gloss just to emphasize those lips.  If the color is still too much, use a lighter color to tone things down a bit. 

Remember that whenever you're checking out different makeup tips, the key is to let yourself play!  It's really the best way to learn what tips will work best for you and your personality. 

Now you've got some info... why are you still sitting here when you can be playing?  Off with you!  Go play!

Luscious Locks


Many women will go to extreme lengths to grow long, beautiful hair. Some women will even fake it using wigs or extensions. However, keeping a few simple rules in mind can help you achieve the length you desire.

Avoid using products or chemical processes that contain harsh ingredients such as parabens or sulfates. These can dry hair and strip your locks of its vitality.  USE HOT STYLING TOOLS SPARINGLY. Using tools like a hair dryer or curling iron can suck the moisture out of locks and cause split ends. Let your hair air dry naturally and embrace your natural hair texture. If you must use a hot styling tool, spray a light coating of thermal-activated styling products - the Peter Lamas Hold Me Thermal Styling Spray or Volumize Me Sea Silk Styling Mousse-  to give your hair a layer of protection.

Let your stylist know you are planning to grow your hair out and schedule a trim every 2-3 months. Trimming your hair regularly will remove existing split ends to make sure it doesn't travel up your length. 

Tight braids and ponytails can pull your hair right out of its roots! Let your hair flow or stick to low, loose ponytails and buns.

What you eat and drink has a major effect on your appearance. Make sure to include plenty of fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and lean protein your diet to get all of the vitamins and minerals necessary to stay healthy. Also, using nourishing hair care products like the Chinese Herbs Regenerating System will give you an extra boost to promote healthy hair growth.

Indulge in a rich conditioning treatment once a week. One natural ingredient that helps boost shine and hydration is virgin coconut oil. Saturate your hair and scalp with the virgin coconut oil and massage your scalp for 1-2 minutes. Then wrap hair in a towel and leave it in for 30 minutes. Rinse the oil out with warm water. Shampoo and condition as usual. This will leave you with super shiny, soft locks.

 Following these easy tips will lead you on the path to longer, stronger hair.

Duel Settled! Dual Actives Win


Powder versus liquid!
Light coverage versus medium coverage!
These are some of the inevitable battles many of my younger clients come in fighting every day. Whether you're just beginning to use makeup or your skin is changing and your makeup just isn't going on right anymore, you aren't always sure what product will be the best for your face.
Don't despair! Your makeup doesn't have to turn into an all out war. When considering coverage options, many times, I turn to Cinema Secrets Dual Active Foundations to help solve any uncertainty.

Dual Active Foundations are a pressed powder aloe-based compact that can go on dry to simply even out the skin tone.  What makes it 'dual' is that it can also be wet to give a bit more coverage when needed, acting like a light liquid foundation that dries to a powder finish. This grants a light to medium coverage depending on application.  Light application is achieved with a powder dusting and medium if you wet the compact cake before applying the makeup.  

The most sensitive skin types (tweens, teens, men, and young adults) don't need much makeup. With youthful skin, less is always more and a little coverage tends to go a long way. Oily skin types can also benefit from Dual Active Foundation as the powder-base tends to absorb some of the excess oil that is produced Dual don't feel like you're really wearing makeup and can look very natural to the eye and the camera.  I tend to avoid using these foundations if my clients have dry skin, acne problems or have concerns with fine lines, as powder bases tend to pronounce these sensitive issues. Also keep in mind that powder and liquid bases can't hold as much pigment as creams so if you need more coverage a cream makeup may be a better option for you.

The Dual Active compacts are handy purchase because they also come with a mirror and a separate compartment with an application sponge perfect for quick touch-ups. I always suggest picking up a few extra application sponges, so clients can change out the sponge when it starts to get over-used to help prevent bacteria build up and break-outs.

So in the end a makeup like Dual Active Foundations can give you a few options on how you can use and wear it.  Wet or dry it's a quick way to step out putting your best face forward.

Lovely Lips


As winter weather approaches no matter the climate, lips tend to get dry and chapped.  No one wants to be caught under the mistletoe with cracked or rough lips.  Don't run for the hills and hide I'm here to rescue you with three tips for prevention!  

•    Exfoliate
Most of us exfoliate our skin, but never think to do the same for our lips.  Now this doesn't mean you need to run out and use a heavy duty exfoliating wash for your lips.  Be gentle with them.  Start by running your tooth brush gently across your lips after you've rinsed your brush and worked on your teeth.  Once a week nab a little sugar from the kitchen or your favorite coffee house and wet it into a paste.  Use this as a gentle scrub that will take off any of the overly dry skin that collects and makes your lips look more smooth and supple.  You'll also notice your natural lip color seems more vibrant.

•    Moisturize
Once you're exfoliated you need to keep those lips moisturized.  This doesn't mean smooth on the lip balm, that'll come later.  Moisturize means that when you put on your facial moisturizer in the morning and at night, massage some into your lips as well.  Your lips have skin on them too, so treat them just as well as the rest of your face!  If you don't feel the need for too much moisture, just apply the moisturizer at night.  Our skin absorbs and retains moisture the best at night while the body regenerates during sleep cycles.  You'll start to notice them looking a bit more plump from the extra hydration.

•    Protect
This is where your lip balms come in handy.  Lip balm was designed to protect and soothe your lips from the weather.  If you're braving the blustery wind and snow, or the dry cool of the desert areas, lip balms will seal in any moisture you've got and protect from damage.  While they have a slick texture, remember they're not really adding moisture to your lips.  If you're dry try to add a bit of moisturizer, wait three minutes then apply your balm.  You'll notice you won't be applying balm like a crazy person and wondering why it's not doing its job.  It is!  Also avoid balms with "medication" in them, while it will help aid cracked and already dry lips, it can actually irritate healthy lips.

So no you're armed with luscious lip knowledge.  As Ben Franklin's tried and true adage says: "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."  

The Ultimate Halloween Makeup


Cinema Secrets has everything you need to have the perfect Halloween in the store. But for the perfectionist or to achieve an elaborate or Professional quality look straight out of the movies, we have Professional Makeup Artists that come to our store every Halloween to create some of the best Halloween Makeups you will ever see. If you are looking for that unforgettable, quality custom makeup, look no further. Many Professional Makeup Artists are on hand Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday (Halloween) at Cinema Secrets to work with you to design the perfect makeup as or for your costume. Whether you want to be a vampire, zombie, ghoul, ghost, a beauty makeup or just about anything you can imagine, we can make it happen...and look amazing!

See the pictures below of the step-by-step intricate process and detail Jeff West did last year while turning one of our customers into an Avatar...

All day over the weekend, customers will come in looking normal and leave with extravagant and creative looks for Halloween. Check out some of our favorite before-and-after shots from 2010...


While space for 2011 is limited, we may still be able to squeeze you in. If you are interested, please stop by the retail store to let them know when and what you would like to see about availability. As for pricing, click here to download our 2011 Halloween Makeup Lookbook with prices listed on each design. For any other questions regarding booking, please call (818) 846-0579 and speak with Nina or email

For anyone looking for something a bit more simple, like a few bullet wounds to the head or some Elvish Ears, makeup artists on the floor are on hand to apply those over the weekend as well. For Woochie Applications, it is walk-in only and a first-come first-served basis so be sure to leave extra time if there is a wait.


This weekend is going to be crazy and fun here at Cinema Secrets with all our makeovers, last minute shoppers, food trucks and other promotions...Stop by, we'd love to see you!


Devil's in the Details


Costumes are great, but it's the accessories that can make or break your Halloween character! After all, what's a vampire without fangs? A cat without ears and a tail? Or an evil clown without the makeup?

Accessories are the little details that tie a look together or make one from scratch! You can easily create a whole look based on a great makeup or a few key accessory pieces.

Here are some accessories we've got stocked to help you finish off your costume or help create your original look:

•    BLOOD
Nothing says horror better than blood.  Check out the different types depending on your gorey needs: Fresh FX Blood, Coagulating Blood Gel, Thick scabbing blood jams, fluid spray bloods, and even flavored bloods meant to put in your mouth!
•    TEETH
Teeth aren't just for vampires anymore.  While definitely the most popular check out braces, gold bling, zombie rotted, werewolf, even make it look like you don't have a tooth in your head!
•    HATS
Witches, Firefighters, Police Officers, and Pirates...  even if you're not going as the Mad Hatter this can tie together a costume.  The most popular this year:  mini couture top hats!
Specs are a great way to add character to any look, even if you're not getting ready for Halloween.  We've got sunglasses, plain glass, and goggles to choose from.  From Lady Gaga crazy to simple and conservative, we've got your eyewear. *Please note it is illegal for us to sell theatrical contact lenses over the counter, however any eye care professional can acquire these lenses for you.
Quick to apply and re-useable Woochie latex pieces are a great addition to any costume.  If it's gore or fantasy there's something for you and it's as easy to apply as 1,2,3!
How can you thinking of dressing as a Smurf without the blue skin?  Or go as a zombie without a dead pallor?  Face and body makeup is the ultimate in Halloween transformation and we've got something for everyone.
Need that fake tongue piercing to complete that rock star look?  Or maybe a circlet for the renaissance costume of yours... whatever the case we've got amulets, earrings, and tiaras available for that finishing sparkle.
Knifes, axes, swords, nun chucks, space blasters, Thor's hammer or even Captain America's shield!  We've got everything to battle the forces of darkness... or good if that's your stance. *Sorry kids if it looks like an actual modern period gun Burbank city law says we're not allowed to carry it.
Vintage and realistic to almost a fault, we've got fake tattoos that'll give you the ink you need.
Nothing changes a look quite like a wig.  What would Hagrid be without his hair, mustache, and beard?  Maybe you're in the mood to go from brown to hot pink for a night with temporary hair color spray.  Check out a range of hair goods that'll compliment your look.

Come on in and see what sparks your imagination.  If you look around and you're still not sure? Ask one of our staff members for help or suggestions. They're usually the ones already in costume...


It's That Time of Year Again


Autumn has come and for most it means breaking out your new coats, boots, scarfs, and warm hues of makeup.
But at Cinema Secrets, it means transformation.


Doors open early and close late as all of the glamor and glitz that is Cinema Secrets Professional Cosmetics year-round morphs into the Halloween-Headquarters that encompasses all the crazy and fun that is Halloween on a daily basis.
Los Angelinos flock to the store to get their costumes and makeup needs while Cinema Secrets offers Woochie Demos, along with Professional Woochie Application throughout the season. 


The fun continues as employees dress up for Halloween..


Ok, so maybe one of these isn't an employee, but you have to guess which one...

Also during the season, some of the most popular food trucks around Los Angeles come out to visit Cinema Secrets and park next to the store to serve all of our customers and the Burbank/Toluca Lake Area.

Keep up-to-date with the calendar below so you don't miss out on some of the best trucks!

We love Halloween and hope you do too! Stop by this Halloween for a great time and some quality Halloween time, we look forward to seeing you!


Over the weekend, Cinema Secrets teamed up with Yelp to bring Yelpers a unique Halloween experience for Beauty, Beast & Breakfast! Yelpers who attended the event were treated to Halloween and Cosmetic makeup applications by none other than Cinema Secrets, breakfast by Mo's Restaurant, chili from T's Hot Sauce Truck, psychic answers by psychicgirl Jusstine, scares by Pasadena's Old Town Haunt, mini pumpkins from Toluca Lake Pumpkin Patch, and of course a build-your-own Bloody Mary & Mimosas bar.
The event had Yelpers out early at 9 am in Burbank but the crowd was fantastic! Yelpers had a great time with some excellent food and some fun makeup applications to get them in the Halloween spirit! Some lucky Yelpers even won prizes given away by all the event sponsors!


Saturday Morning at Cinema Secrets--doors are open, food is cooking and drinks are flowing!


Breakfast by Mo's included fantastic multi-grain pancakes, french toast and their roast beef hash! Seconds? Yes please!


Bloody Marys and Mimosas! Is there a better way to start off your Saturday?


Old Town Haunts sent out some friends to partake in the festivities!


Getting a makeup done by one of our Professional Makeup Artists...the Jack Sparrow Transformation!


Yelpers getting bloody! With a Bloody Mary Bar at Cinema Secrets, what more could you expect?


Click here to read what Yelpers had to say about the event

Click here to see more pictures taken at the event

Cinema Secrets is located in Burbank, CA and while we don't always have an open Bloody Mary Bar, we do always have everything to cater to your Halloween & Special FX needs. Stop by and don't forget to Check In! on Yelp to take advantage of extra savings!

And of course, don't forget...



The Bottom Line


Let's get down to the bottom line...and by bottom line, I mean using lip liner...

I can't tell you how many times I've been asked, "Should you line the lips?"  Well, there actually is no bottom line, definite answer to that question because it really depends.  Lining the lips can be a corrective technique or a fashion decision.  Let me explain...



Like fingerprints, lips come in all different shapes and sizes.  Lip liner is used to help correct simple things like thin lips you'd like to make fuller, bleeding lipstick, giving a more definite look to shapeless lips, or balancing out uneven lips.  If you're trying to correct an issue you have with lipstick, lip liner will be your best friend and you definitely use it.


Making Thin Lips Fuller

One of the most popular trends is full, sensuous lips.  Lining thin lips just outside the natural line will give the illusion of fuller lips. 


Liner Tip - Feather or color in from the line onto your lips to keep from having that obvious "liner look" when your lipstick starts to wear down.


Stopping Lipstick Bleed

If you've got fine lines around your lips, or if for some strange reason lipstick just slides off your lips (like it does to me), you are also the perfect candidate to wear lip liner.  Lining your lips will create a makeup-based wall to stop the lipstick from sliding where it's not supposed to.  Once you've applied your liner, powder it down then apply your lipstick. This will set the liner in place and keep it from moving.


Liner Tip- If your liner's tip keeps breaking when you sharpen the pencil it usually means the liner has been dropped and the inside pencil has shattered.  You'll need to replace the liner.


Shapeless Lips

So your lips don't have that cute bow or a full enough bottom.  Well, you've got to sketch out the shape you want.  Using a freshly sharpened liner sketch (meaning short, quick lines that connect, not one big drawn on line) the shapes you want to create just beyond your natural lip line.  Then apply lipstick as usual.


Liner Tip - If you keep the tip of your liner sharp it'll keep your lines crisper and less noticeable, giving you a much cleaner and natural look.



Uneven Lips

Ah, yes, another reason I personally use liner when I wear lipstick.  I have what I like to call "Joker Lips"  meaning I have a big bow on top and a full bottom lip--but when I smile--the top sides of my lips disappear and I look like the Joker from Batman when I wear lipstick.  So I correct them with liner to fill out the thinner bits, using the fuller part as a guide, I just round out the line.


Liner Tip--Use liner colors that are approximately the same color or just a shade darker than the lipstick you plan to wear.  This will keep the liner looking more natural.




You remember that wave a good while back where girls would line their lips in a really dark color and then fill in the lips with a nude lipstick or gloss?  That was a fashion choice. Whenever you make a conscious decision to do something different for the sheer look, that's what we're talking about here.


Now with fashion you can be creative, or copy a recent trend from any of the magazines.   You're only limited here by your imagination. 


Liner Tip--Putting creamier liners in the freezer for give minutes will make it easier to get clean lines when using them.


Trendy Liner with Gloss

A popular trend is people wearing lip liner all over their lips then washing it over with a close lip-gloss color in lieu of lipstick.  This gives a high shine and wet look as opposed to a matte or shimmer of a lipstick.


So now you've got the bottom line answer on lip liners so go out and conquer the world, two lips at a time...

To Puff or not to Puff?


To Brush or not to Brush? That is the timeless question makeup artists have been asking since the dawn of the makeup industry...

Ok, maybe not but every makeup artist has their own brush preferences but this week's blog entry features instead when not to brush and use a powder instead, we ask, to puff or not to puff?
Almost every makeup artist, amateur or professional, has a powder brush, but do we really know what it's meant for?  The easy answer would be "to apply powder," but there's more detail to those simple puffs and many good reasons to use the puff over the brush.  
So let's take a look at what each product is designed for and how in the world we're supposed to use the tools available to us.
Powder Puffs

Webster's dictionary defines a powder puff as: a small fluffy device (as a pad) for applying cosmetic powder. Now that's a pretty broad generalized definition and of course we make our own. Puffs are designed to hold powder inside of them and when you tap them, the powder is released where you need it. Puffs are generally used best with either pressed or loose powder, when setting a cream foundation or as a quick way to cut shine. The ultimate benefit of using a puff (in lieu of a powder brush) is that you're setting the makeup where you applied it so it prevents creasing or moving. The powder brush can tend to leave powder specs all over the face or clothes where it isn't wanted and can even leave your makeup looking ashy. The brush isn't going to be as precise or clean for application. A puff, on the other hand, will secure your makeup for a much longer wear-ability time.

Small Pressed Powder Puff

Included with many pressed powder/cake powder compacts, this is probably the most common type of powder puff people use.  You just swipe it across the powder and swipe it across the face for quick touch ups.  Simple and easy, no instruction needed. 
The one thing to keep in mind is to change that little puff out every few weeks.  Bacteria can build up and cause break outs or other skin irritations.  The replacement puffs are really inexpensive (unusually under $3) but we tend to hold onto the original like they're gold.  It's funny how we may be willing to spend a good portion of our hard-earned money on a quality powder but we don't replace the inexpensive little puff.



Using a Puff with Loose Powder

The first time I ever attempted trying to use a powder puff, I simply tapped my loose powder onto it and tried to balance it and twist the puff to get all the powder on my face.  Needless to say, I got powder all over my face, my new black dress, and my new black heels...I try to imagine every young makeup maven does the same thing...

It wasn't until I started training to be a makeup artist that I learned how to properly use a puff.  Of course I had been doing it all wrong...

dramatic-effect-3.jpg With loose powder, the key to using a powder puff is after you tap the powder onto the puff, you fold it in half (like a taco) and rub the powder into the puff (almost like rubbing out a stain).  This way all the powder is inside the puff and you can easily transfer the puff to your face.  Then tap the puff on your face and press the powder into the makeup.  Ta-duh!  Now you and your puff can work together in harmony without a halo of powder dust!

Next time you find someone asking "to brush or not to brush?" you know the answer!

Losing that Luster? Don't let it fade!


Day in, day out, it can seem like we're always doing the same old thing. We all get repetitive sometimes but don't let your routine keep you from looking fresh and exciting.  A little extra can add a lot of oomph to your routine...but not crazy change.  Most girls notice that when it comes to ourselves we almost always choose the same kind of colors.  Well here are three little tricks to spice up that makeup without going overboard.

  • Cocktail It
Just like making the perfect drink, it's all about the mixing.  Liven up your normal colors by swiping your brush into two different tablets of eye shadow or blush.  That neutral taupe you've been using?  Keep using it!  But why not try swiping it through a little bronze shimmer while you're at it?  The same goes for glosses and lipsticks.  Sometimes a little bump is all you need to keep things interesting.

  •  Add Lashes
Mascara's great, but to really pop eyes false lashes can be the spice you need.  I'm not talking crazy spider-like or drag lashes here, we're talking something natural.   If you want to try strip lashes something in a demi style or #747XS or 747SM are always flattering.  For the super natural girl three little individual clumps at the outer corner of the eyes in size small will give you the softest boost.

  • Change the Way You Wear Eyeliner
There is no one way to line an eye. There are also a number of different kinds of eyeliners: pencil, liquid, gel, powder, and cake. The benefits of eyeliner are endless, but we can start by just adding a bit to our daily routine. Don't use eyeliner ever? Try one!
Princess Kate has made black and dark neutral liners on the top lid very trendy for fall, so if you haven't tried recreating her look, why not try? Cream liner or cake liner applied with an angle flat brush works best for this look of understated elegance.
If you already do use liner but always apply it on the top lid, try using a powder only on the lower lash line or maybe use a pencil or gel to use the liner in your water line. This is a fun way to change a look without working too hard or going too crazy....

Variety is the spice of life! Makeup is about expression and how we appear to the world. Don't be afraid to play when you've got a little extra time...just a tiny adjustment to your makeup routine can make everything in your day seem more interesting.

Halloween is Coming...


Halloween is creeping up on us yet again....If you're like me, you too are asking WHERE HAS THIS YEAR GONE?

Our favorite Holiday always seems to surprise everyone at the last minute, even though it comes at the same time every year.  We love it because it's the only time when all of us--no matter what age or gender--can let our imaginations run wild and be kids again. 

So let's take a look at 2011's most popular adult costumes and start planning for a great night (or week) of Halloween madness...

For the Lovely Ladies...

  • Sassy Jack Sparrow from DisguiseSassyJackSparrow.jpg
This female version of Jack Sparrow has been a hit with women since the release of the new Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Movie.  Remember though; don't mess with a beard or mustache--that's a whole different circus costume.

  • Devine Miss Red from Leg AvenueDevineMissRed.jpg
A gorgeous twist on the classic Little Red Riding Hood!  This can be worn as a couples costume if your boy goes as a big bad werewolf or darken red up by adding a wolf tail and ears to the ensemble making her the big bad.

  • Boneyard Bride by In Characterboneyardbride.jpg
Dia de los Muertos or "the day of the dead" sugar skull designs have been en vogue for the past few years.  This costume compliments gorgeous face paint capturing the feel of the holiday.

  • Tea Cup Mad Hatter from Leg AvenueTeaCupHatter.jpg
Tim Burton and Disney's re-imagining of Alice in Wonderland may have been last year, but the classic tale is always inspiring new looks.  The Tea Cup Mad Hatter is whimsically playful and can be worn as is or with a spooky fashion makeup twist.  Let yourself go slightly mad.

  • Foxy Roxy Costume from Leg Avenueleg+avenue.jpg
Feeling creative? What could be cuter than a wildlife creature and Leg Avenue's Critter costumes new for 2011! Be foxy with the Foxy Roxy, stinkin' cute with Stinkin' Cute Skunk or risky with the Risky Racoon! Also new for 2011 is the Blue Beauty, a sophisticated and simple Peacock costume from Leg Avenue with real Peacock Feather attachment to turn heads. Adorable and simple, these costumes are sure to have all the dogs chasing after you ;)

  • Feline Femme Fatal from  Leg Avenuefelinefemmefatal.jpg
This costume is new take on the classic DC sometimes villainess/sometimes heroine Catwoman.  It looks like it's based off the classic Michelle Pfeiffer /Selina Kyle design. It may not be the current comic book version, but with the The Dark Knight Rises coming out next year featuring Anne Hathaway as Selena Kyle, it is purr-fect for trendsetters and Batman fans alike.

  • Lightening Rock Star by Leg AvenueLA_83828_A1650.jpg
Inspired by Lady Gaga, it may not be a meat dress or an egg, but it's something a bit more do-able.  Show your extreme fashion sense with this costume and various style diva accessories to create your own look.

For the Gents

  • Cheech & Chong Kits by Incognitocheechkit.jpgchongkit.jpg
Most of us grew up on Cheech and Chong's Up in Smoke, now you too can easily slip into these instant Cheech or Chong kits.  Grab a friend and find that old van, man.

  • Graveyard Groom from In Charactergraveyardgroom.jpg
The man's versions of the Dia de los Muertos or "Day of the Dead" sugar skull is almost as popular as the woman's version.  Easy to pair off in a couples costume and look dashing at the same time as you can look scary.

  • Robin Hood from 2B In Characterrobinhood.jpg
Don't fret, there are no tights here.  This design was based off the popular BBC Robin Hood series and the newest movie incarnation; including the actual hood not that silly peter pan style hat.  Could also work if you're a Green Arrow fan too and have the urge to play DC super hero/playboy Oliver Queen.

  • SWAT Commander from Leg Avenueswat.jpg
Leg Avenue isn't just for the girls anymore.  They have a great selection of men's costumes and this SWAT tactical vest will have you pretending your Jack Bauer in no time flat.

  • Mario or Luigi Kits from Rubiesluigikit.jpgmariokit.jpg
Got pair of old coveralls?  Slap on the Nintendo™ Mario or Luigi kit that includes a hat and super mustache to play everyone's favorite plumbers.  Simple and you'll show your gamer roots with this hit.

  • The Simpsons Deluxe Duffman with Muscles from Disguiseduffman.jpg
Everyone knows Duffman, "oh, yeah!"  The Simpson's favorite beer mascot can now be you!  Be the hit of the party and pack your cans of beer in your belt. Pop culture has never come in a finer package.

Remember the biggest trends sell out the fastest so shop early and snag them before they're gone!
And with that, I only have one question for you...


Fall Back on Some of 2011's Best Autumn Makeup Tips

blog-fall-fashions-header.jpgLabor Day has come and gone but left behind is the warm and exciting season of Autumn. Just as the colors of the leaves start to change, so do the color choices you make for your face.  This fall's fashion savvy look has three bold looks you can choose from.  Remember since these are all very dramatic looks, pick one to try at a time then run with it.


Sultry smoky eyes are back with a metallic flair!  Smoky doesn't always have to mean the ordinary black & grey.  This season it's all about metallic shine.  While not everyone can pull off the shimmer of metallic shadow in a full smoky eye--you can still work metallic hues into your look by dusting them over just the lid alone and working with a matte color in the crease and around the lash line.
The metallic colors on the runway this season were Purples, Silvers, Bronze, and Navy.  And while I'm not one to toot our own horn, per say, we do have some Eyeshadow colors from Cinema Secrets that fit the Fall color palette perfectly.

  • For Purple, Try Plum Wine or Galaxy
If you like warm tones try out Plum Wine. It has a subtle metallic shimmer.  For cooler tones try the dark a dramatic Galaxy
  • For Silver, Try Pewter or It's a Twister
Pewter is a warm silver metallic with a hint of gold to keep it from washing even the palest skin tone out, while It's a Twister will shine silver, red, or green depending on your tone or the light.  Use them separately or combine them for your own special look.
  • For Bronze, Try Icy Flesh & Bronze
For a light metallic highlight Icy Flesh gives a warm natural look, but if you're in the mood for a more maple metallic Bronze always deepens a things for a sultry earthy look.
  • For Navy, Try Dew and Midnight Combined
While Midnight is certainly a classic navy it lacks a metallic shimmer.  Pair it with a soft sweep of Dew and it'll have you glittering light the midnight sky.

Each of these shadows would also work perfectly with a bit of our Hollywood Lights Shimmer or Glitz added on the inner or outer edges of the eye for an extra dramatic punch for your eyes for the total package.


Brows that stand out are all the rage.  Eyebrows are designed to frame the face and well-groomed and powdered brows will draw focus to your eyes.But when I say bolder brows, don't think of Groucho Marx...instead, think Keira Knightly, Jennifer Connely, even Audrey Hepburn.
To enhance your brows, choose a brow powder that is a shade lighter than your hair color.  This will keep them from looking to dark and a powder always gives a softer look.

If you don't want to fill in the whole brow, focus on dusting the brow powder at the edges of your eyebrow, creating the illusion of a more defined and straight line.  For those missing a bit of hair at the ends you can extend the line of your brow with an angled brush like the ever popular Cinema Secrets Angle Detailer. Then simply fix with a clear wax or mascara to hold the powder and the brow hair in place.

*Our little secret? Cinema Secrets eye shadows can also be used as brow powders!


Nothing turns heads and looks sexier as bright bold lips, and French girls have been doing so as part of their daily routine all too well.  This season's lipstick colors are matte plums and ruby reds. The secret to wearing these colors is in the application.
First, base-out the lips with your foundation to create a neutral pallet to work on.
Then using a lip liner sketch (don't draw) the shape you want to achieve for your lips and feather the liner onto the lips.  This will avoid ringed liner later in the day or evening.
Using a lip brush, apply the lipstick color.  When applying the color with a brush you are pressing the lipstick into the lips allowing for longer wear.  You can use just the stick when touching up for convenience.
Follow with a lip sealer and blot your lips on a tissue.  If you use a sealer and forget to blot, you'll have a coat over your lips that you can literally peel off.  The house favorite: Artiba Lip Sealer.

Hot Fall Lip Colors from Cinema Secrets:
  • Persimmon Liner & Lip Pallet #6
The waterproof lip liner is perfect for long wear and pallet #6 has a range of brown and plum tones from natural to deep including colors: Ole, Truffle, Rosewood, Russet, & Grape.  Best for this season and the deepest plum? Try: Grape!
  • Ruby Liner & Lip Pallet #1
The waterproof Ruby lip liner is perfect for long wear and pallet #1 has a gorgeous range of reds for any skin tone including colors: Paprika, Red Passion, True Red, Red Rose, & Simply Red.  Best for this season and if you swear you can't wear red? Try: Red Passion!

...And there you have it--Autumn is here and now you can be prepared for it with the best makeup trends right now! 

Maurice and the Makeup Brushes


Long ago, the Egyptians whittled a paintbrush using a stick with frayed ends to paint ancient tombs. Making use of what they knew, they improved on the stick making it into a tool that would be used for millennia to follow.

Much like the Egyptians, Maurice Stein also improved on a common tool and morphed it into a commodity envied by his peers, which has become a widely used necessity for anyone who applies makeup: the professional makeup brush.

In the 1930s and 1940s, makeup artists were still using their fingertips to apply makeup. During the early 1950's, makeup artists finally started using applicators, but brushes and sponges were just starting to catch on. By the late 1950's, makeup artists had started regularly using brushes, but hardware, art and paint stores were the only places to find them. While these brushes were fantastic for canvas, they didn't share the same effortless results on faces.

The Professional Makeup Industry was just coming to its own as film gained popular success and television was just beginning. After graduating from Comer and Doran Cosmetology in 1957, Maurice took his knowledge of makeup and hair to the studios where he joined other pioneers of his trade.

Maurice did what every other makeup artist was doing--he would go to the art store to buy paint brushes to use for applying makeup at work. However, on the set, while others were relaxing on breaks, Maurice would put his cosmetology knowledge to use by shaping the brushes with scissors and a razor then sanitizing them with water and soap to dry overnight since that was the only method he knew at the time.

When some of the most expensive faces in the world started noticing just how soft and nice his brushes were, other makeup artists asked him where and how they could get those brushes too. Before he knew it, he spent his down time on sets customizing not only his own brushes, but everyone else's too!

One day a light bulb hit him in the head (either literally or figuratively, he wouldn't say) and he called a producer of fine artist brushes and enlisted his help to order just 200 makeup brushes--since they were so expensive to produce Red Russian Kolinsky Sable brushes--half with a flat tip and the other with a curved tip--and he didn't know how many he would actually need. What Maurice didn't realize was that since he was only ordering one size of each brush, artists on set would request multiple of each brush so he found himself running out of the brushes before he even received them from New York, leaving none for him! Needless to say, he ordered another 50 of each brush...and that was the beginning of Maurice's contributions and improvements to the makeup brush.

He has since created many more sizes and styles of brushes using different types of high quality hair that can all be found at Cinema Secrets. While soap and water worked 50 years ago, each brush bought at Cinema Secrets today is sanitized by yet another one of his fantastic makeup innovations, the Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner.

For more information on Cinema Secrets Makeup Brushes, visit:

For more information on Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner, visit:

For more information on Maurice Stein, Founder of Cinema Secrets, visit:

The only good brush is a clean brush...


Don't cringe...but in high school, I had no idea about the importance of cleaning my makeup brushes...

Looking back, I realize learning a little about sterilization and cleansing can go a long way. After all, people wash their hands with hand sanitizer that kills 99.9% of germs, and they wash dishes with heavy-duty antibacterial soap after use,  so why wouldn't you give the same treatment to the tools you use on your skin? Dirty brushes may have even been a contributing factor in the acne problem that plagued my younger years. 

Cleaning and sanitizing tools is one of the most important, and often overlooked, areas of makeup application and care. It not only shows that the individual or artist is serious about professionalism, but also prevents cross-contamination.

Cross-contamination is the passing of bacteria, microorganisms, or other harmful substances indirectly from one person to another through improper use or unsterile equipment, procedures, or products. In makeup artistry, this most commonly occurs through double dipping, using fingers, or reusing sponges or un-sanitized tools. By using the spatula to pull makeup from containers and using the palette to mix and dip into, the original source of makeup (container) won't get contaminated. Maintaining a sterile work environment prevents skin breakouts and lengthens the life of cosmetics.

Sanitizing your brushes

The quickest and easiest way to instantly sanitize and clean your brushes is by using Cinema Secrets Professional Brush Cleaner. The formula guarantees instant sanitization. If you use 99% alcohol, you will need to soak your brushes or tools for a minimum of 10 minutes before they can be considered sanitized.

How to use Cinema Secrets Professional Brush Cleaner

Cleaning your brushes with Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner is simple, and to show you, I took pictures of the process (using my eyeshadow and blush brushes) after I did my own makeup this morning....


1. Brush off any excess makeup or product onto a tissue or paper towel. 

Step2.jpg2. Pour brush cleaner into a small tin, jar, or tub, as I have done here. You don't need much and the liquid will turn out a clear blue. When you're done cleaning your brushes, you will have less of the cleaner in your jar but it should still be the same color as it is straight out of the bottle.


Thumbnail image for Step3-Blush2.jpg

3. Dip brush into cleaner. It is very important that you DO NOT swirl your brush in the cleaner. This cause all the makeup and bacteria you want to get off your brush to go right into your brush cleaner!

For fluffier brushes, you don't need to submerge the whole brush in cleaner. Instead, you just need to dip the tip in the brush cleaner and then invert the brush (as I have done in this image on the right) to let the brush cleaner soak to the bottom of the bristles without wasting a ton of product. 


4. Work brush against tissue or towel to remove the makeup or product. 

Step5.jpg5. Repeat as needed until brush wipes clean on tissue or towel

Step6.jpg6. Allow three to four minutes for pencil sized brushes to dry and around fifteen minutes for fluffier brushes to dry. Any chemical smell will become a soft vanilla scent when dry.

AND VOILA! You have clean, sanitary brushes!

Sanitizing palette, tweezers, and spatulas

500-TA008.jpgTwo options:

1. Soak them in a 99% alcohol for maximum sanitization  (this should be done with tweezers specifically). Between uses, simply spray a bit of 99% alcohol on the palette or spatula and they will be ready to reuse instantly. *NOTE* Be sure to use 99% alcohol and not basic rubbing alcohol, which is only 70% and will not completely sanitize.

2. Dip in Cinema Secrets Professional Brush Cleaner and wipe dry to instantly sanitize.

For reference, as well as some extra tips and tricks, see our tutorial on
"How to Clean and Sanitize Tools"in the Education section of our site.

Confidence of Quality


Many people have asked...

What is the difference between your own brand of cosmetics and other cosmetics I can purchase in large department stores? I can already tell the price is significantly less, but am I sacrificing quality? Or are your cosmetics as great as I've heard?

The difference between the Cinema Secrets Professional Cosmetics line and those that you purchase at a department store counters has nothing to do with quality of any of the products.


At department stores, massive amounts of money are put into the marketing and advertising of the product lines. We've all seen the beautiful and elaborate ads in magazines and celebrity faces showing off their products--producing such a household name of such notable proportions takes quite a bit of time, effort, and money.  In order to make up for all those man-hours, celebrity contracts, and the money spent, they have to add that into the price of the products you're purchasing.  That doesn't mean they're sacrificing their quality, but it might mean you're paying more for that makeup.


Now take on the other hand, Cinema Secrets makeup. Our name and our brand don't have the same familiarity as other brands that you can find in major department stores. But just because our reputation and awareness may not scale the proportions as other brands, that doesn't mean that it shouldn't!  Cinema Secrets cosmetics are produced as a quality professional product that does what it promises to do, as many Professional Makeup Artists have already realized. Our company has been used on numerous television shows, movies, and some of the most expensive faces in the world, but instead of paying for endorsements and expensive ad space, we've always left our marketing to word-of-mouth, local advertising and viral campaigns to get the word out. That hasn't stopped distributors worldwide from picking up our product; in fact you can find our products in salons and beauty supply stores all over the country as well as in countries all over the world.  But we have such confidence in our products and the people that love them that we pass the savings along to you, and the price of our products is much less than you'd expect to see at a counter.  


The question here is not quality--department stores have quality makeup brands and so do we. The question is how much do you want to pay for the company's big budget celebrity endorsement or do you actually want to pay for the makeup you put on your face?  Just because a product is more expensive, does that necessarily make it better?


Not at all!  There will, of course, always be a few 'inexpensive' product lines may skimp on quality; but, I can assure you as a professional makeup artist and product junky, that anything you'll find on this site, regardless of price, deserves your confidence as our client. These products have been used by Professional Makeup Artists, Medical Professionals, as well as the general public for all sorts of skin types.  They are all product lines that you will undoubtedly want to use, wear, or play with every day!


So what are you waiting for? Go play! 

New Website

Welcome to our new website. We want to be your main source of education, inspiration and high-quality products, so we're working on new content and improvements. While we tidy up the site, please look around and let us know what you think.