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All Posts from December 2011

Cinema Secrets wishes you the happiest of Holidays


As the holiday festivities begin and the year winds to a close, and we look back and reflect on the year past. Cinema Secrets undergone tremendous growth on both the cosmetics and special effects divisions and is excited to embrace it. It's been quite an adventure throughout the year, from our traditional Halloween madness starting in January to continuing our dedication toward beauty and education. In 2011, we also introduced new products, new ventures and new relationships were formed across the world.

We're all looking forward to starting an exciting, fresh, new year in 2012 as we work to give a makeover to our brick and mortar store in Burbank, California. There are certainly new adventures on the horizon and we can't wait to share them with all of our wonderful customers. 

A special message from our founder Maurice Stein: 
To our loyal family of Cinema Secrets clients. I would like to take this opportunity to personally wish you all a very merry holiday season and a healthy and prosperous New Year.

From our family to yours, all of us at Cinema Secrets would like to wish everyone a wonderful and safe holiday season.  We'll see you next week and in the next year to come!

Gifts for Makeup Lovers: Let Our Favorites Become Yours!


During the Holidays our makeup artists are always asked about what would be a good makeup gift for aspiring artists or makeup lovers and we usually fall back on our top five favorite Cinema Secrets products.  So in this blog we'd like to share our favorite products and why we love them.  Maybe it'll check a few makeup lovers off your list too!

Cinema Secrets Top 5 Favorite Products

1.    Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner 32oz -Retail Price: $34.99
Nothing takes care of one of the most expensive parts of anyone's makeup kit, your brushes, better than this brush cleaner.  Not only does it instantly clean and sanitize brushes.  It's quick drying and it conditions your brushes, extending the life...leaving a delicious vanilla scent behind!  It's completely vegan and cruelty free too!  The 32oz size will last a long time, and is the best bang for your buck.  

2.    Cinema Secrets Foundation Primer -Retail Price: $28.00
Nothing makes makeup application smoother than this oil-free, silicone-based foundation primer. The pump applicator doses just the right amount for your face so you don't end up over using this precious liquid that will help fill fine lines and large pores.  Wait one minute before applying any foundation and it will glide on smoothly and evenly giving you a great base to help your makeup last all day!  

3.    Cinema Secrets Eye Primer -Retail Price: $15.00
Eye shadow has met it's perfect partner with this eye primer.  Apply before any powder shadow and wait one minute before adding shadow to see truer colors, smoother blend-ability, and end that annoying creasing!  This is an absolute must for oiler skin-types.  Your shadows will last 6-8 hours without touch up!

4.    Cinema Secrets Angle Detailer Brush -Retail Price: $6.99
This little synthetic angled brush can do more than you'd ever expect.  A wonderful short handled brush that for beauty is perfect for fine detail work using gel and cake liner and fantastic for brow powder application!  For character or special makeup effects, makes beautiful sharp lines for detail and swirl effects. They're so affordable pick up two or more so you have back-ups.

5.    Cinema Secrets 5-Color Foundation Pallets -Retail Price: $24.00
So many people go on exotic vacations during the holidays, escaping the cold or going to it. Skin tones change depending on sun or lack thereof, and the 5-color foundation pallet in your tone range will keep you covered whether your getting darker or lighter! The pallets hold five different colors or Cinema Secrets Ultimate foundation in the same tone range. They are all oil-free silicone and wax based foundations that can be adjusted with water for full coverage to as thin a coverage as a liquid foundation! These pallets are great for any skin type or color and are available in 11 different skin-tone combinations.

Now that you've gotten a chance to see why we love these products, hopefully you'll fall for them too.  If anything we're sure you've got your gift inspiration juices flowing and you're headed down the right path for everyone on your gift list.

Beauty Launchpad Magazine Feature

Check out Cinema Secrets in the December 2011 Issue of Beauty Launchpad:


In their feature, they mention using a creamy lip liner to match closely with your lipstick, creating the lip shape and then filling in the lips with the same color. Click on the image below to see a larger view of the article and read the full-feature.


Winter Wonderland


Winter is in full swing and with the holidays just around the corner it means most people will be making appearances at one celebration or another.  Who doesn't want to stand out and be in fashion this season? 

So the question stands:  What is THE color palette this winter?

The answer is: Glitz and Glam!

Eye Shadows

That's right sparkle is in for those who like to amp up the eyes. The most popular eye colors are metallic this winter mimicking the ice and snow, but with an oddly warm feel. The colors that flatter are Gold, Bronze, Copper, and Pewter tones. A wash of one of these colors over your lid and even along your lower lash line will be sure to brighten up your eyes and your holiday.  
For those who like to keep the eyes softer and more toned down soft neutral taupe colors are a great way to go.  If you like even softer with a little glamour something like Cinema Secrets Warm Champagne, Icy Flesh, or Banana Freeze will give you a little warm winter shimmer without too much color.

Lip Colors

If you're more into emphasizing those lips and have chosen to tone down the eyes, remind people that the mistletoe is probably just above their heads with berry red or bright red lips. Find a great waterproof lip like Cinema Secrets Lake or Ruby to line the lips and fill them in, then slick on a similarly colored lipstick or gloss to finish it off. Your lovely lips will be sure to be a conversation starter.

If you're looking for softer toned lips keep things natural and don't like to think about touching up the color during all your holiday cheer, try a waterproof liner like Cinema Secrets Neked or Spice. These liners will define your lips and give you a great base for your neutral lip color over the top.  Since they're waterproof, they'll let gloss last three times longer than usual!


Maybe you just want a few little accents to highlight your already signature look.  Well here are a few little tips to accentuate your look.  Your hands and nails are a great way to complete a look.  Just like the eye colors metallic and glitter are the way to go.  You'll see a myriad of glitter polishes from lines like OPI, China Glaze, Zoya or Essie.  From bright red, green, and blue colors to metallic gold, silver, and even pink use them to spice up your holiday look.

For your eyes check out Cinema Secrets Holiday Lights  available in three holiday shade packs: Reindeer Games, Festival of Lights, or Forget the Frankincense.  Use the tacky with the glitter to create a beautiful glitter liner or the shimmer dust on your eyes or cheek bones to give yourself a winter shimmer.  You can even add the shimmer or glitter to a clear topcoat to make your very own nail polish colors too. Any way you wear it, you'll get a creative shine that fits in with your Winter Wonderland look!