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All Posts from July 2011

Confidence of Quality


Many people have asked...

What is the difference between your own brand of cosmetics and other cosmetics I can purchase in large department stores? I can already tell the price is significantly less, but am I sacrificing quality? Or are your cosmetics as great as I've heard?

The difference between the Cinema Secrets Professional Cosmetics line and those that you purchase at a department store counters has nothing to do with quality of any of the products.


At department stores, massive amounts of money are put into the marketing and advertising of the product lines. We've all seen the beautiful and elaborate ads in magazines and celebrity faces showing off their products--producing such a household name of such notable proportions takes quite a bit of time, effort, and money.  In order to make up for all those man-hours, celebrity contracts, and the money spent, they have to add that into the price of the products you're purchasing.  That doesn't mean they're sacrificing their quality, but it might mean you're paying more for that makeup.


Now take on the other hand, Cinema Secrets makeup. Our name and our brand don't have the same familiarity as other brands that you can find in major department stores. But just because our reputation and awareness may not scale the proportions as other brands, that doesn't mean that it shouldn't!  Cinema Secrets cosmetics are produced as a quality professional product that does what it promises to do, as many Professional Makeup Artists have already realized. Our company has been used on numerous television shows, movies, and some of the most expensive faces in the world, but instead of paying for endorsements and expensive ad space, we've always left our marketing to word-of-mouth, local advertising and viral campaigns to get the word out. That hasn't stopped distributors worldwide from picking up our product; in fact you can find our products in salons and beauty supply stores all over the country as well as in countries all over the world.  But we have such confidence in our products and the people that love them that we pass the savings along to you, and the price of our products is much less than you'd expect to see at a counter.  


The question here is not quality--department stores have quality makeup brands and so do we. The question is how much do you want to pay for the company's big budget celebrity endorsement or do you actually want to pay for the makeup you put on your face?  Just because a product is more expensive, does that necessarily make it better?


Not at all!  There will, of course, always be a few 'inexpensive' product lines may skimp on quality; but, I can assure you as a professional makeup artist and product junky, that anything you'll find on this site, regardless of price, deserves your confidence as our client. These products have been used by Professional Makeup Artists, Medical Professionals, as well as the general public for all sorts of skin types.  They are all product lines that you will undoubtedly want to use, wear, or play with every day!


So what are you waiting for? Go play!