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How to Use a Mixing Palette and Spatula

Why use a mixing palette and spatula?

Using a palette and spatula gives the artist a place to mix colors and lay out what's being used, while preventing cross-contamination.

Cross-contamination is the passing of bacteria, microorganisms, or other harmful substances indirectly from one person to another through improper use or unsterile equipment, procedures, or products. In makeup artistry, this most commonly occurs through double dipping, using fingers, or re-using sponges or un-sanitized tools. By using the spatula to pull makeup from containers and using the palette to mix and dip into, the original source of makeup (container) won't get contaminated. Maintaining a sterile work environment specifically prevents skin breakouts and lengthens the life of cosmetics.

How to use a spatula:

Use the spatula (also called a palette knife) to scrape out a bit of makeup--such as cream colors, lipsticks, loose pigments, lotions, glitter, and powders--and transfer onto the palette. It can also be used as a mixing tool by scraping and spreading colors together on the palette.

How to use a palette:

The palette is basically the plate for the makeup banquet. This is where all the colors are placed and can be blended together to create mixes. From the palette, you can dip back into makeup colors with your working sponge or brush without fear of transferring oils or bacteria into your main makeup supply (container).

Cleaning the spatula and palette:

After use, wipe clean with 99% alcohol or Cinema Secrets Professional Brush Cleaner. Once dry, they are ready for the next use.