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How to Line and Color Lips Like a Pro

Everyone has different lip coloring needs and wants. Mix and match the tips you like and make them part of your arsenal.

Fix dry or chapped lips.

Use a little table sugar and water to create a paste. Rub the paste on your lips to give your lips a "sugar scrub" and exfoliate dead skin. Then moisturize lips with facial moisturizer five minutes before applying lip color.

Sketch on--don't draw on!--lip liner.

Keep the lip pencil sharp and gently sketch a line around your lips. Short sketching marks allow you to "connect" segments into an overall clean line. Long, smooth drawing strokes with a pencil are much more difficult to keep crisp.

Correct imperfect lips with liner.

If lips appear too thin, sketching the lip shape just above the natural lip line for convincing fullness. If lips appear too large, use foundation to block lip color out, then sketch the lip shape just inside the natural lip line to minimize.

Use a lip brush to apply lipstick.

A lip brush gives more control over lipstick application--and makes the lipstick last longer, because it presses color into the lip (causing a stain) instead of just being washed over the surface.

Make your color ready and set to go.

After applying lipstick, cover your lips with a tissue and use a makeup sponge or powder puff to pat on translucent powder. The tissue acts as a filter so your makeup won't smudge, but the powder sets the lipstick into place. Remove the tissue and apply another layer of color or your favorite gloss for shine. A little extra preparation makes the color last three times longer!

Get long-lasting lip perfection without those drying eight-hour lipsticks.

Line your lips with a color close to your lipstick shade and gently feather the liner color into your actual lip before applying a wash of lipstick. This will not only give your lips definition, but also keep the color longer as your lipstick wears down without leaving a "lined" look.

Make lip gloss last.

Lip gloss is fluid, which usually means reapplication throughout the day as it evaporates or dries. To make wearing gloss lower-maintenance, choose glosses with more pigment color. Also line the lips, filling them in a bit before gloss application, to make it last even longer.