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How to Glam Up Lipstick

Most of us toss on quick coat of lipstick on the way out the door, but there so many fun ways to glam up your lipstick application. Check out just a couple of our favorite tricks... you can even combine them--it's all up to you.

Plump up your lips without using those stinging plumping glosses!

Apply your favorite color of lipstick, then rub a lighter shade with shimmer to the very center of your lower lip. Rub your lips together, and it creates a highlight that will make your lips pop and "plump."

All that glitters is glam.

Whether you want to outshine everyone on the dance floor or sparkle in the corner with an eye-catching burlesque look, this is a show stopper: After applying lipstick, press a fashion cosmetic glitter (like Cinema Secrets Hollywood Lights Glitz) into the lipstick. This will "set" your lip color and illuminate those luscious lips.