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Choosing a Lip Color That's Right for You

Instinctively, most people know the colors that look best on them and naturally gravitate toward those colors when they buy makeup. If you've got that down, great--don't fix what isn't broken. If you're unsure, however, the key is to find a color that works well with your personality and skintone.

When hunting for a lip color, ask questions like:

Do I like to be bold and loves color?
Do I prefer to look fresh and natural or do I not wear a lot of makeup?
Is my skin kind of pink or kind of gold?

If you answer:

1. My skin tone is kind of gold or yellow.

For golden and yellow skin tones, corals work very well. Corals have an orangey color base, but that doesn't mean they have to be all-out "old lady orange!" Corals can range from soft, almost nude tones to super bright, saturated hues.

2. My skin tone is kind of pink or beige.

For pink and beige skin tones, pinks and berries works well. Pink and berries have a slightly blue base to them. It doesn't mean you're stuck with "bubble gum" pink or deep raspberry. Pinks and berries can range from soft, almost nude tones to super bright, saturated hues.

3. I don't wear makeup a lot... or I like a natural, fresh look.

If you prefer a barely-there look, soft nudes and neutrals are your friends. The idea with these colors is to give you just a little pop to enhance your natural beauty. The wonderful thing about neutral colors is they don't take as much "mirror checking" if they do wear down. If this is your style, you can always keep the lips neutral and play up your eye makeup when you're feeling adventurous.

4. I love color. I'm bold and adventurous!

If your personality is bold and you love attention, bright and bold colors may be the way to go. If you want to draw attention to your lips, try a more intense color, but remember: If you want your lip color to speak for your look, play down your eye makeup and let the lips do the talking.