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3 Steps: Take a Day Look into Evening

We've all been there. Someone wants to meet for drinks after work, and you want to give your office day look a refresher, a little pop for the evening. This is called a "bump up" makeup, and in three easy steps, you'll be ready to hit the town in no time.

1. Darken either your eyeshadow or your lips.

A great way to pump up a look is to simply intensify a focal point. A rule of thumb is to draw attention to either the eyes or the lips--not both. Pick your favorite feature, and use a darker shade of a vibrant color.

2. Kick up those lashes.

Add a little extra mascara, or glue on some false lashes, and your look instantly becomes more glamorous.

3. Blot and powder for long wear.

Blot your skin with blotting papers or a tissue to absorb oil that's accumulated during the day, then dust on a bit of translucent powder to remove shine and reset your foundation. Have dry skin? Spritz your face with Cinema Secrets Moisture Spray to refresh and moisturize.