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How to Cover Tattoos Like a Pro

It seems that almost everyone today is sporting a tattoo. Aside from beauty makeup, covering a tattoo is one of the most common things a makeup artist does. There are a number of techniques artists use to conceal a tattoo, but in this article, we'll show you the quickest and most economical for the single user.

We're using:

  • Makeup Sponges (Wedges)
  • Powder Puff
  • Setting Powder in Colorless
  • Super Sealer
  • 5-in-1 Foundation Palette (in the range of your skin tone)
  • Blue Corrector 606-26

Step 1

Lightly spray Super Sealer over the tattooed area. This will create a barrier against perspiration and heat. Hold the bottle about six inches away from the skin so you don't douse yourself (which slows down application time since waiting for it to dry is required).

Step 2

Tear up the bottom of a few of the sponges to create a textured surface. This simulates skin texture and blends the makeup more seamlessly with natural skin.

Step 3

Pick up a small amount of the blue corrector with the sponge. This is an orange-y color that effectively blocks out the hard black inking of most tattoo designs.

Step 4

Dab the makeup over the tattoo; don't apply it like you would your foundation. This will place the makeup exactly where you want it and not blend it away.

Step 5

Shake some of the setting powder onto the powder puff. (Don't skimp! This holds the makeup in place.) Fold the puff in half like a taco and rub the powder into the puff as if rubbing out a stain. Tap the puff onto the skin, over the area you applied the makeup, to work powder into the makeup and set it.

Step 6

Depending on the depth of the ink or how much black line work there is, you may need to repeat Steps 4 and 5 several times.

Step 7

With a clean sponge, dab on the foundation color closest to your skin tone. Then repeat Step 5.

Step 8 (optional)

Your skin tone is actually made up of at least three colors. This is why we use the 5-in-1 palette. The colors in the paletet are your tone range. You can muddle the colors together a bit to break up the flat tone you just applied and fool the eye into thinking it's your natural skin.

Step 9

Remember to powder-powder-powder between layers.

Step 10

Spritz another light spray of Super Sealer. Let it dry and repeat two more times to give an even coverage, which protects clothing and prevents rub-off.

Now you know a good tattoo cover technique that you can do on your own, anytime you need to--whether you're applying makeup to a bride on her special day or visiting the parents and keeping your latest ink a secret!

KEEP IN MIND: A tattoo is technically a scar. If the tattoo is raised, you will still see a faint raised outline. Makeup can change color, but not the texture of the skin. However, unless someone is really examining the area, it shouldn't really be noticeable.